Forbes Monaco Goes Live

Image courtesy of Forbes Monaco
Image courtesy of Forbes Monaco

Forbes Monaco: The American magazine Forbes, specialized in financial news and economics, will be issuing a new Monaco-specific version of the publication beginning this week. A digital version is to follow shortly.

Six months after Forbes announced the launch of their new print and digital publications Forbes Monaco and  Forbes Benelux, the moment has arrived. Forbes Monaco is to be an English language Monaco-centric, bi-monthly online and print magazine in partnership with Vizio Publishing. The launch, initially planned for June 2018, incurred some delays but has officially become a reality. According to the Forbes Corporate Communications press release, this new publication will be accompanied by event and conferences.

What to Expect

Forbes Monaco, spearheaded by Editor-in-Chief Paul Trustfull formerly of Forbes Afrique, will not stray from what we have come to expect of the business media stalwart. Per their website: “Forbes Monaco will retain the editorial independence that Forbes is known for and will consist of local business news, commentary, and features, as well as select editorial content from Forbes magazines from around the world.”  Forbes Monaco will also have a unique Forbes Lifestyle section with luxury trends curated by A-list personalities (celebrities, billionaires, royals, and moguls) who reside in Monaco.

The launch of the Monegasque editions comes 101 years after the first copy of the original American version was sold. This addition to the Monegasque press circuit was inaugurated with panache at the Monaco Yacht Club as an introduction to the Gala Evening held by AIIM, the Association for Italian Entrepreneurs.

New Mag, New Leadership

Brazilian former commodity trader and long-time resident of Monaco, Luiz F. Costa Macambira will be the first CEO of Forbes Monaco. At the gala, he expressed his eagerness to begin:

“I think it has been a long time coming that the Forbes and Monaco brands be connected. For more than one century, Forbes has represented leadership, entrepreneurship, and influential ways of living. This is long overdue. Steve Forbes sent me a personal letter saying that this was a fitting match for the spirit of the Principality. I think that talking about its capitalistic and entrepreneurial culture is a very good thing. We hope to contribute positively to the Principality’s reputation.”

Mr. Macambira detailed the balancing act that Forbes Monaco will strive to achieve between its print and digital traffic. The publication will begin by printing 8,000 copies with the goal of scaling up to 10,000. The organization will lean more heavily, however, on its digital traffic, notably counting on a nudge from its American counterpart. Macambira continued: “Forbes’ American website receives 72 million unique visitors per month. Part of that should migrate to the Monegasque site. We are aiming for between 500,000 and 1 million visitors per month.” He went on: “The key is not to lose money. Our goal is not necessarily to generate profit but to find balance and break even. As long as that can happen, we will be operational in Monaco.”

Nº 1

On the cover of the first edition of Forbes Monaco is Ms. Shanu S. P. Hinduja, Chair of Geneva-based Hinduja Bank (Switzerland) Ltd, Chairman of the Hinduja Foundation USA and founding member of the environment-focused Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. Ms. S. P. Hinduja is known for her emphatic advocacy of gender equality and her messages about the evolution of female roles in the world economy.

The November edition will commence The Billion Interview series – a slew of sitdowns with Monaco’s wealthiest residents. Expect to find it in kiosks in early November.