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Travailler à Monaco, Jobs Platform Tailored to the Principality

Travailler à Monaco is a new jobs platform for connecting professional talent with companies in Monaco looking to hire.

The creation of a Cannes-based startup and a local development agency, this newly published site is here to play matchmaker between Monégasque businesses and professionals in search of a change.


At the head of this new Monaco-centric job engine is Bogdan Dinu, co-founder (with Charlène Ureta) of My Next Challenge, a startup company in Cannes specialized in employment. His goal, alongside technical development partner ESBC Monaco, is to make the leading platform for linking companies with the right professionals.

The key to Travailler À Monaco’s arrival is knowing the market. Their strength lies in proposing a solution around limitations on hiring within the Principality. Currently, the country’s legislation requires any company that would like to hire to first register its intention with the national employment service. The service then has four days to present a list of candidates who are adapted to the post.

If the employment service does not present a good professional fit, the business is charged with the burden of filling its own glass slipper. Travailler À Monaco is meant to respond to this gap between the public service and the private company. It is a complementary digital tool, a platform to help companies continue their search without missing a beat.

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Companies will be able to upload descriptions, videos, links, and galleries – all the necessary tools for improving their visibility and appeal to potential talent. These types of modern, qualitative developments can be a real solution for both the company and the earnest job seeker, especially in Monaco.

The site went live at the beginning of October and will remain in beta testing until the end of December. In one short week, over 160 job seekers have uploaded their CVs to the site. Within the year, the startup aims to host between 5 and 10,000 candidates, and to generate revenues between 150,000 and 200,000 euros. Starting in January 2019, any company seeking to list their jobs will have to pay for access to this site.

In a country with 30,000 job offers posted per year, this tool can provide structure to a very dynamic and underserviced aspect of the business reality in Monaco. Should development proceed according to plan, Travailler À Monaco has the ability to make an impact on the market right away.

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The TAM site is uniquely in French for the time being.*

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