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Monaco commits against deforestation

Charter on the use and virtuous management of wood
The Charter on the use and virtuous management of timber is part of the “Monaco commits against deforestation” operation, initiated in 2011. It is the result of a partnership between the Prince’s Government, the Prince Albert Foundation II of Monaco, the MC2D association and the IMEDD.

This Charter is subject to an annual evaluation.

In 2017, 40 companies participated in this study and confirmed the renewal of their commitment to the Charter. This individual assessment allows the signatory to take stock of their situation and define improvement objectives.


Signatories and new members had the opportunity to share their experiences at a cocktail party held at the Novotel Hotel on Tuesday, December 18th, 2018, during which “The Forest Trust” held a conference on wood certification.

Among the results, 98% of companies consider the Wood Charter useful for integrating the theme of the fight against deforestation into their policies of Corporate Social Responsibility.

The breakdown of consumption is made on paper (100% of the companies concerned), furniture (58%) and wood or wood products (60%).

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From the point of view of their activities, the Wood Charter helps companies, in particular, to manage their waste (83%) better and to work with suppliers from sectors offering them certified products (78%).

Companies also mention that the Wood Charter benefits from a very good perception among customers (100%) and employees (85%). In 2017, most of them gave priority to in-house training on the themes of paper, furniture and wood.

The Wood Charter and membership documents are available on the websites of the Prince’s Government, the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation and IMEDD.

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