The 2019 Open des Artistes de Monaco at the Entrepôt Monaco


The ninth edition of the Open des Artistes de Monaco will kick off on January 29th and run through February 20th. For this latest artistic presentation, the Entrepôt Monaco’s curator Daniel Boeri is inviting artists from all horizons to conceive creative works around an all-new concept.

The theme of this year’s Open des Artists is the exploration of the letter “Ô”:

“Paradox of the Ô! The Ô is never silent.
A reflection on the use of the Ô.
Grapheme of the Latin and Vietnamese alphabet, we will focus on its vocal range.
The Ô, praises, challenges, apostrophes, acclaims, and invites action by the body. It expresses a spontaneous reaction and attracts attention.
Paradoxically, by its simplicity, this grapheme invites the multiplication of gestures.
A vocal call, action, gesture of interpellation, apostrophe.
Ô expresses surprise, admiration, fear, dread.
Whatever the feeling, it expresses a reaction through gesture.
It eliminates passivity, it springs into action, spontaneous or considered.”

Artists are free to explore the themes virtues through any medium, whether it be video, sculpture, painting, drawing, collage, multimedia installation, or whatever form they fancy. The Entrepôt gallery is providing the artists with a proverbial “carte blanche.” The only limitation is on the size: each work must be no bigger than 1m x 1m.

According to the Entrepôt Monaco’s official website: “Selected works will go on display at the gallery from 29 January to 20 February, when the Open des Artistes will officially close with an evening ceremony at which the prize winners will be announced by Mr. Boeri and the jury.”

Supplementary information can be found on the Entrepôt Monaco’s official press release about the Open des Artistes.