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Hyphen Hyphen opens the musical spring in Monaco

The space Léo-Ferré put on the French stage of yesterday and today for its concerts that will punctuate the season until the Fête de la musique.

To begin 2019, the space Léo-Ferré respects its rhythm of cruise of three concerts per semester. Here is the program of the musical festivities until the summer.


This is the story of a local band that became major in the young French music scene. From Nice bars to Olympia, the Hyphen Hyphen trio – who sings in English but is well azuréen – has exploded in three years, winning a Victoire de la Musique in the category “revelation stage”.


The band had already performed in the live sessions of the Grimaldi Forum two years ago. For this second visit to the Principality, the XL gauge of Léo-Ferré is on the menu. A standing concert only, as part of their “HH Tour” to be able to move properly on their tubes “Like Boys” or “Just need your love” that take their full dimension to live.


It will be the good season to sing “That’s summer”. But above all (re) here are the Green Negresses. Announced last year, the group’s revival for the 30th anniversary of their first album “Mlah” will be on stage. This musical tribe is part of the soundtrack of the 80s, chaining the tubes until the disappearance of their singer, Helno, in 1993. It is this album and its flagship titles, “Zobi the fly”, “Here is the was “that the group chose to celebrate on stage for a return that should appeal to a nostalgic audience of the eighties.


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Once again this year, the Festival of Music will have reggae accents in the Principality. In charge of the programming, the Léo-Ferré teams have chosen Jahneration for the big concert on the port Hercule pier. Behind this neologism hides a duo of Parisian singers, Theo and Ogach, who distil reggae and hip-hop in a particular style. Their journey started with a featuring with Naâman, who was singing last year in Monaco for the Fête de la musique.

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