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The Prince Jacques Cultural Center at the forefront for holidays in Beausoleil

Shows, workshops, and the opportunity to meet artists, plus a snack! The new cultural area of Beausoleil truly puts culture in the spotlight during this holiday.

An unusual and poetic young audience show with The Red Ball; contemporary dance with Compagnie Eugénie Andrin and his ballet “Issue”; a workshop for children, music and puppets, and another dance workshop open to students from the age of 14.

Shows followed by meetings with the artists are on the agenda of the Prince Jacques Cultural Center this February and school holidays. A rich and varied poster, for all audiences.


The Red Ball of the same name as the Company, which proposes a big day on Wednesday, February 13th for children, is a show in the form of a theatre of objects without words.

In the morning, a puppet workshop for children from 6 years (10 am-12 pm), the show The Red Ball (at 15 pm) is a visual opera for young audiences. As if by magic, geometric foam shapes come to life and become real characters.

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The Red Ball traces the different stages of the love life, from the meeting to the birth of a family. A visual opera carried by the music of the bandoneon and the original score of Jacques Trupin staged by the puppeteer Franck Jublot, an impressive technical virtuosity, which delivers together a work all in poetry and symbolism. A doubly awarded show at the YAM Awards 2017.

After the show, at 4 pm, the public is invited to exchange their impressions with the manipulators of the company The Red Ball, around a gourmet snack.


From February 18th to 22nd, the famous contemporary dance company, Eugénie Andrin will invest the stage of the Prince Jacques Cultural Center.

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Starting February 18th, during four days, the choreographer and scenographer offer everyone the rare opportunity to attend, from 2 pm to 5 pm, rehearsals of the modern dance ballet Issue, which the company will present on Friday, February 22, at 21h.

Creation in the form of reflection on the price of freedom giving rise to a game between the dancers and decoration of suspended doors, a labyrinth full of obstacles, open on our fears, but also on the dream, the hope and the truth.

The Red Ball. February 13 at 3 pm
All the public over 5 years.
Duration 40 minutes.
Issue by Eugénie Andrin Company. February 22, at 9 pm
Free admission on reservations at