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TMC is committed to Monaco’s energy transition

Céline Nallet, General Manager of TNT channels of the TF1 group (TMC, NT1 and HD1), signed today, March 21, on behalf of Télé Monte-Carlo – TMC, the Charter of commitment of the National Pact for the Energy Transition.

Minister of State, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Government Counselor – Minister of Equipment, Environment and Urban Planning, Catherine Puiseux, CSR Director for the TF1 Group, Etienne Franzi, TMC Vice President, Olivier Mercier, TMC Site and Broadcast Director, and Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the Energy Transition Mission attended the ceremony.

The Minister of State reminded that “the Sovereign Prince had the will that the Principality undertakes to reach the carbon target in 2050. With the adhesion to the National Pact for the Energy Transition, everyone acts individually and collectively to go that Sens.” He was delighted by TMC’s signing of the Pact, “a particularly symbolic and important signature in the case of this iconic chain for us, by its history, its influence and its dynamism”.


By reducing the number of business trips, through the use of video conferencing between the Paris and Monaco teams, by developing teleworking – the priority axis of the Government’s policy – and by offering more energy-efficient equipment, TMC also brings its contribution to the movement, which already brings together more than 700 signatories in the Principality.

As a reminder, the National Pact, set up last January, aims at the commitment of the Monegasque Community to achieve the objectives of reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Prince Albert II, followed by His Government, were the first signatories of the Covenant.

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