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Alpine Convention – Monaco at the 15th Alpine Conference

A delegation from Monaco, composed of Wilfrid Déri, Chargé de Mission in the Department of External Relations and Cooperation, and Astrid Claudel-Rusin, Head of Section at the Directorate of the Environment, took part in the 15th Alpine Convention, held on 3-4 April in Innsbruck, Austria.

The Conference, chaired by Elisabeth Kostinger, Austrian Minister for Sustainable Development and Tourism, adopted a Ministerial Declaration entitled “Climate Neutral Alps and Resilient to Climate Change by 2050”.

The many questions raised by climate change are all the more exacerbated in the Alps as this change is occurring almost twice as fast as in neighbouring regions. Ministers and Heads of Delegation all agreed on the importance of local and regional action to achieve the goals of adaptation and mitigation of this change.


Monaco has outlined its ambitious climate change policy with its Climate Energy Plan.

France, which succeeds Austria as President, will study the question of air quality in the Alps.

Monaco, which will host the Standing Committee of the Convention on 14-15 November, supports the Alparc network (Protected Areas) and Via Alpina (Sustainable Tourism).

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