Inauguration of the Monte Carlo Bay solar panel park

Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Councilor of Government-Minister of Equipment, Environment and Urbanism, inaugurated, on Tuesday, 9th April, the park of solar panels of Monte-Carlo Bay. This inauguration took place in the presence of Fr├ęd├ęric Darnet, Director of the hotel and Thomas Battaglione, Managing Director of SMEG.

After congratulating the Soci├ęt├ę des Bains de Mer, Monte-Carlo Bay and SMEG for the fruitful partnership that led to the establishment of this park, the Government Council emphasised:“I strongly encourage private owners to follow the SBM initiative, and to participate, in turn, in the development of solar power in our country.”

This photovoltaic park of 1000 m2 is today the largest in the Principality. This operation will make it possible to produce locally the equivalent of the annual consumption of about thirty dwellings, i.e. about 160 MWh for a power of 154 kWp. Winner of the e + “positive energy” trophies in 2017, Mc Bay is once again affirming its environmental ambition, through this joint achievement with SMEG.

The Monte Carlo Bay solar power plant, financed, operated and built by SMEG, benefits from the Government subsidy allocated for the installation of photovoltaic panels.

The development of solar energy in the Principality is part of a strong approach of the Government of the Principality which aims to reduce the production of Greenhouse Gas by promoting the increase of the share of renewable energies.