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MISS YOU: Visit Monaco’s new slogan

Visit Monaco
Prince's Government Tourist & Convention Authority

Visit Monaco has unveiled this week their new slogan MISS YOU while lockdown measures remain in place. Usually FOR YOU, the Prince’s Government Tourist & Convention Authority decided to temporarily change it to remind everyone of the “precious times we look forward to sharing again” while social contact is currently prohibited.



With more than 3 billion people worldwide living in lockdown and airlines grounding numerous flights, tourism has come to a grinding halt. Monaco is no exception. Through this campaign, the Principality hopes to stay connected with all those who love travel, whether they have already visited Monaco or plan to in the future.

The campaign hopes to involve both leisure and business tourism, for private and professional customers. It will be promoted by the Principality of Monaco’s ten representative offices in North and South America, Europe, Asia and Oceania, and will be carried on social networks, travel industry websites and in magazines.

“The Principality is missing everything our visitors bring, from those treasured moments of friendship and fun to their opinions, their valued custom, their languages, and of course the ‘wow’ factor experienced by everyone who comes to Monaco. All of the things that together make the country so vibrant and alive.”

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The usual slogan FOR YOU is meant as an invitation to visit and experience every the Principality has to offer. When this is not possible, MISS YOU aims to remind us of the “unforgettable moments” spent with loved ones.

In 2017, an estimated 355,000 tourists visited the Principality.

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