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Self-isolate in style: how superyachts can keep Covid-19 at bay

Incat Crowther

In response to the current health crisis, a Sydney-based naval company has created a new shadow vessel to keep yachting Covid-secure. The new ShadowCAT Haven catamaran boasts a top speed of 21.5 knots and will act as a COVID-19 testing facility and quarantine space.

The innovators of the World Superyacht Award-winning support vessel Hodor have put a Covid-secure twist on their latest shadow vessel. A mothership will often have a supporting vessel to enhance the experience of those onboard, with jet-ski storage, submarines and diving centres being a few of the common facilities on these vessels. However, having hospitals, medical staff and laboratories out at sea is a real sign of the times.


Shadow vessel for spending quarantine

Engineers at Incat Crowther described their latest creation as a ÔÇśprotective layerÔÇÖ for main superyachts. Between leaving the shore and boarding the megayacht, guests and new crew members will be tested for Covid-19 and will spend a quarantine period on the new Haven shadow vessel. The double-hull, catamaran-style yacht is equipped with the latest Covid testing equipment to prevent the spread of the virus. The aim? Self-isolate in style before soaking up the sun on the superyacht.

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Thermal cameras to detect infections

At almost 70m in length, ShadowCAT Haven can host 52 crew and staff members, in addition to guests. The luxurious quarantine site has air conditioning and circulation systems, as well as thermal cameras to detect any signs of infection. To prevent the superyacht having any contact with the shore, Haven will also be the point of delivery for any goods needed by the mothership. A helicopter landing pad is also found on board.

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