As Monaco’s case count continues to rise, the government has decided to implement a new counting method which follows World Health Organization practices.

From now on, all new announcements about Monaco’s Covid-19 cases will distinguish between residents and non-residents. Therefore, when a new case is recorded, it is now the person’s place of residence which will be taken into account, not the location of the test centre.

Striving for accuracy in counting Covid-19 cases

This decision was taken in order to obtain more accurate statistics. For Monaco, it is also a question of “aligning ourselves with the rest of Europe and of conforming to what is customarily being done by the WHO and by French authorities”.

On Thursday August 20th, two new cases were recorded amongst residents. The overall Covid-19 case counts now amounts to 102 residents, and 48 non-residents. A resident is currently in ICU at Monaco’s hospital, the Centre Hospitalier Princess Grace, which is also treating two non-residents. 15 people who do not show severe symptoms of the virus are currently in quarantine and their health is being monitored by local doctors.

Since the start of the pandemic, 82 residents have recovered from the virus, as well as 33 non-residents. A resident and three non-residents have died in Monaco.