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Coronavirus: daily remote medical follow-ups in Monaco

Centre de suivi des patients à domicile Monaco
The Government Counsellor-Minister in charge of Health, Didier Gamerdinger, at the new Centre. ©Direction de la Communication / Manuel Vitali

In Monaco, only patients suffering from severe symptoms of COVID-19 are hospitalised. Others, whether or not they are positive for the virus, are told to self-isolate and take advantage of distance treatment.


The Prince’s Government has set up a “Centre for out-patient monitoring“. This measure aims to avoid overburdening hospital resources and private doctors’ practices and to ensure that patients suffering from COVID-19 are cared for “in a manner that is both convenient and comfortable for them”.



Daily consultations over the phone

The Centre makes direct contact with patients and ensures they stay healthy and safe through follow-ups over the phone. Potential COVID-19 carriers who are being monitored have the opportunity to contact the centre at any time.

The new structure is made up of staff from the Department of Health Action and volunteers at the Monaco Red Cross. They will work alongside doctors, social workers, medical secretaries from the Princess Grace Hospital Centre as well as several psychologists.

The system was set up on Monday 23rd March. The Centre’s team is already caring for more than 47 housebound patients suffering from COVID-19.