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Land of French fragrance: Grasse perfume awarded PGI label

Perfumes Grasse France
Fleurs d'Exception du Pays Grasse

The Grasse-made “Absolue” essence was awarded the Protected geographic indication (PGI) on 6 November, after a lengthy application process.

The town of Grasse is the cradle of French fragrance. Here, perfume plants grow in an ideal climate, halfway between the mountains and the sea.


The PGI label is a coveted seal that recognises the intellectual property of some of France’s cultural giants – wine, cheese, and yes, perfume. Much like a patent, the label ensures sovereignty over the product and protects it from counterfeiting.  

Protecting the region’s heritage

For Julien Maubert, CEO of Robertet, the label was necessary. “It protects a unique know-how that has been developed in Grasse for generations,” he told French channel France 3. Already in 2018, the Pays de Grasse perfume tradition joined the UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage list.  

“The epitome of French perfume know-how”

The PGI label means that the picking of the essence’s flowers, the processing of flower, and their transformation will have to take place in the following French departments: the Alpes-Maritimes, the Var and the Alpes-de-Haute-Provence. It is only the tenth PGI label given out by the INPI, the French National Industrial Property Institute. “The INPI is very proud to approve the geographical indication “Absolute Pays de Grasse”, the epitome of French perfume know-how,” said the body.

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