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Covid-19: Monaco’s restaurants remain closed to day tourists

Monaco Tribune

As another two weeks pass by, it is time for the Princely Government to update lockdown restrictions. Following the latest announcement on the 31 May, more rules are relaxing.

Despite the downtrend trend in the Covid-19 figures, the Principality remains cautious. “In the next two weeks, we will think about allowing more people into restaurants. We are treading careful though, as we all remember what happened last December,” said the Minister of State, Pierre Dartout.

To avoid an influx of French people crossing the border to enjoy Monaco’s bars and restaurants, only residents, commuters and hotel guests are allowed to dine in the Principality. However, there was one slight change to the rules, as members of clubs and hotels, as well as anyone playing at the Casino, are now able to go to restaurants in Monaco too.

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Further restrictions easing

As well as the announcement for restaurants, the Princely Government also declared that the curfew will be pushed back from 10pm to 11pm. Added to this, working from home will remain mandatory until the 13 June. In terms of indoor public gatherings, for example in theatres or at conferences, numbers are limited to 70% capacity and no more than 1,000 people. However, exceptions are possible if there is proof that a specific safety protocol is in place. As for meeting outdoors, up to 10 people may now gather instead of 6.

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