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Covid-19: should everyone be getting the vaccine?

Vaccination needle Covid-19

Since the pandemic began, there have been 2,503 positive cases of Covid-19 in Monaco, but nowadays the daily average remains low. So far, more than 40% of the Principality’s population has been vaccinated with those aged over 35 now eligible for their dose.


From Monday 31 May onwards, France will be allowing anyone over the age of 18 to book their vaccine. Across the border though, Monaco has a different policy. Here, only those living in the Principality aged over 35 can have the vaccine. However, there is one exception. Anyone over 18 with underlying health conditions can have the vaccine, as can all pregnant women.

A vaccine keeping our DNA safe

“Interesting research is being done into antiviral treatments, but unfortunately not enough is known about them just yet. The vaccine is the only tool to build immunity,” explained Dr. Thomas Killian, a GP in Monaco, during a recent interview with news channel Monaco Info.

“At the moment, we know that vaccines using RNA act in a way that does not interfere with the nucleus of the cell, which is important as this is where our genetic information (DNA) is stored,” he said.

However, the GP did go on to mention that some of his patients had experienced some “standard side effects of the vaccine such as aches and a slight fever.” He concluded by reassuring that “in the Principality, nobody has become seriously ill as a result of having the vaccine.”

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