In brief

Monaco’s National Council unwilling to compromise on several aspects during EU talks

Monaco's National Council

The elected body wants to defend Monégasque interests and protect the country’s sovereignty as talks with the EU continue.

Initiated by the San Marino Parliament, representatives from the National Council and the Parliaments of Andorra and Saint Marino attended a meeting on the 2 June to discuss EU negotiations.

Whilst conversations about this potential agreement with the EU date back to 2015, negotiations with Monaco, Andorra and San Marino have progressed very slowly.

Many recent events have hindered the decision-making process. Brexit, amongst other international political events, as well as the Covid-19 pandemic and Switzerland dropping agreement talks with the EU have all impacted the situation. Not only this, but when new negotiators joined the European side in 2020, talks slowed even further.

Non-negotiable aspects

The National Council made sure to emphasise the views of the Monégasque Assembly and the importance of each country maintaining their individual, pre-existing policies and laws.

Fabrice Notari, President of the Committee responsible for monitoring negotiations with the EU, outlined the conditions the group refuse to compromise on:

  • maintain the national priority for Monégasque nationals in all areas, including housing, jobs etc;
  • continue to give priority access to Monégasque nationals for the majority of regulated professions;
  • compulsory prior authorisation for residents and companies to set up in Monaco.

For the National Council, “these key points are the reason for Monaco to remain so appealing, prosperous and have a long-standing social and economic model.” Politicians remain in full support of the Prince, his government and the mission to defend Monaco’s sovereignty.