The Hungarian artist offers nine new works to finish her “Mama” series, started in 2019.

The artist Rita Ackermann has been exhibiting her new works at the Hauser & Wirth art gallery since 8 October. Until December 23, visitors will be able to discover the continuation of her “Mama” series, where vibrant colours blend together to create a result halfway between the abstract and the figurative.

The painter, born in Hungary but based in New York, questions line, form and colour in her paintings. She says of her own work:

“As soon as an image becomes clear or legible, at that very moment, its meaning is lost in another form. Painting keeps everything well hidden, in the greatest secrecy. It contains a multitude of invisible forms and lines. This multitude must evoke simplicity and sincerity, instead of a kind of sophistication. (…) When you begin to paint, you have to start again each time, as if it were the very first time. All painting must start from the lowest level, to be done without worrying about the level reached previously. Sophistication is not necessary. Painting does not require complicated thinking, but sincerity.”


“Mama 21′” Exhibition

From 8 October to 23 December 2021

Hauser & Wirth Gallery – One Monte-Carlo

Tuesday to Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm

Hauser & Wirth Gallery website