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In brief very positive early results

Communication Department / Manuel Vitali

Administrative procedures are compulsory although sometimes complex for the man in the street, but the Principality of Monaco is striving to simplify them for its citizens.

Five months after the launch of the website, time to take stock. Through the Extended Monaco programme, the Government wishes to dematerialise its administrative procedures as much as possible. This has been the case for 80 forms dealing with everyday life over the past two years, but they were scattered across the different sites of the relevant institutions.

Advertising means everything is in one place. It is possible, for example, to apply on the site for State housing, residence cards or scholarships.

A platform that works for everyone

The site’s convenience and simplicity have won people over: according to the government, 80% of users now prefer MonGuichet to a visit in person.

Dematerialisation is also beneficial for public officials and civil servants. They can respond to requests more quickly and more easily.

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The site is set to expand the number of procedures it includes, in order to assist people at key moments in their lives. Each form is available in English and there is a hotline if required, making the site accessible and inclusive.

According to Frédéric Genta, Interministerial Delegate in charge of the Digital Transition: “The excellent quality of services in the Principality today makes Monaco a model in the digital world. By focusing on services to our users, our Administration is making a major contribution to the attractiveness of the Principality.”

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