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New US city to have direct flight from Nice airport in 2024

A present, Nice airport connects to a total of 111 destinations in 42 countries. © All rights reserved

From 6 May next year, there will be daily flights between Philadelphia and Nice. 

American Airlines continues to expand its global network. As of summer 2024, three new European cities will benefit from new connections, including Nice in France. Passengers will fly on board a Boeing 787-9, and non-stop!


The Riviera is likely to see an influx of a greater number of visitors from the United States in particular. 2023 is a record year for Nice airport, which now provides 10 long-haul flights to a total of 111 destinations in 42 countries.

As for North America, there are three daily flights to New York and one to Atlanta from May to September, as well as connections to Montreal in Canada.

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