Monaco and the casinos, a true love story

casino monaco

With no less than four world-famous casinos active on its territory, the Principality is a unique place for gambling enthusiasts. These famous and legendary establishments have one thing in common: luxurious architecture mixed with a breathtaking decor.


Monte-Carlo Casino

Majestically built in the heart of the Principality, the Casino de Monte-Carlo is undeniably one of the most beautiful casinos in the world. With its singular style, which gives the impression of reliving the Belle Epoque, the establishment was designed in 1879 by the architect Charles Garnier. With seven gaming rooms and lounges with slot machines and gaming tables, three top-of-the-range restaurants for dining and numerous private lounges, the Casino de Monte-Carlo offers an idyllic setting. There are several gardens nearby and an incredible terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. More than just a casino, the building is considered a monument in Monaco.

Good to know: Since 1983 and the film “Never Say Never Again” from the James Bond saga, three more shoots have taken place at the Monte Carlo casino. In 1995, Martin Campbell’s “GoldenEye” with James Bond by Pierce Brosnan was also shot in this legendary casino. Just like the film “Coco” by Gad Elmaleh, in 2009, and “Fast and Furious 5”, in 2011.

Monte-Carlo Bay Casino

One word can describe this casino so well: luxury. Refined, comfortable, elegant, the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino is much more than just a casino. It is a place where the slot machines are numerous. Here, in the heart of an incredible hotel, on a four-hectare peninsula, on the very spot where the Mediterranean Sea stretches as far as the eye can see, the casino allows you to relax in the rooms of the Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort, after a crazy evening of gambling. There is also a magnificent Cinq Mondes spa, as well as the “Blue Bay”, “Las Brisas” and “L’Orange verte” restaurants that welcome the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino’s faithful guests.

Good to know: With 334 luxury rooms and suites, the Monte-Carlo Bay Casino boasts a enviable statistic: 75% of its rooms have a sea view. A real plunge into the Mediterranean.

Casino Café de Paris

You get a striking impression of wandering through the streets of Paris. You find yourself in a decor inspired by France’s capital and designed by Charles Garnier, the architect who built the Garnier Opera House in Paris. The Casino Café de Paris and its striking view of the Bay of Monaco seems like a paradise for adrenaline-seekers. With nearly five hundred machines, which are added to the gaming tables inside and on the terraces of the establishment, the Café de Paris seduces and fascinates with its most important jackpots on the French Riviera, sometimes reaching the million euro mark.

Good to know: No, we’re not in Vegas. But you can come to the Casino Café de Paris whenever you wish. The casino is open 24 hours a day.

Sun Casino

The Sun Casino offers a warm atmosphere, in a chic, but above all relaxed setting. This contemporary, American-inspired establishment is just a few steps away from the Place du Casino. With no less than three hundred table terminals for English Roulette, Craps, Blackjack or Texas Hold’em Ultimate, the Sun Casino is appreciated for the diversity of its gaming park, but also for its many shows and animations, which blend into the decor, among the slot machines, or even within its delicious restaurant: The Circus.

Good to know: After merging with the Café de Paris, the Sun Casino will close its doors in 2023. For now, nothing has been confirmed as to whether or not it will be replaced.