Monaco previews 5G capabilities ahead of becoming first state to enjoy full coverage

Demonstration of 5G capabilities from general manager of Monaco Telecom gives Monegasques sneak preview of network rollout to be launched next year

The general manager of Monaco Telecom Martin Péronnet unveiled a world premiere this week as 5G internet connectivity was successfully tested at the Monaco Yacht Show 2018.  The pilot was conducted at Port Hercule and demonstrated the impressive speeds and online capabilities which citizens of the principality will be able to enjoy from mid-2019. The first smartphones able to handle the new technology are expected to hit shelves at the beginning of the new year.

Frédéric Genta, who is serving as the inter-ministerial delegate in charge of overseeing the transition from 4G to 5G, took the opportunity to highlight how the ground-breaking introduction of full 5G coverage for an entire state continues to keep Monaco at the forefront of technological innovation. “The power of the 5G implemented via a precise grid of the territory will be an essential platform for the digital transition. This launch proves that, day after day, the Prince’s Government draws the face of the Monaco of tomorrow,” he said, adding that “thanks to the 5G, we are working on the launch in 2020 of autonomous shuttles in Monaco.”

The deal to introduce 5G into Monaco was first signed earlier this month between Monaco Telecom and Chinese telecommunications giants Huawei. The accord was agreed during Prince Albert II’s state visit to China and is a continuation of the ongoing collaboration between the two companies, which has already seen Huawei help Monaco Telecom upgrade its existing 4G network to include 1GB per second capabilities.

The switch to 5G, earmarked to take place sometime in the middle of next year, will see Monegasques access internet connectivity speeds up to ten times greater than those they currently enjoy. Processing times will undergo a similar transformation and connection times will be accelerated by as much as 1,000% as well. As such, the transition to 5G, confirmed by this week’s demonstration, signals a real statement of intent from Monaco Telecom to position the principality at the front of digital transformation.

Indeed, Péronnet is adamant that switching to 5G will facilitate a modernization of Monaco and an attendant uptick in the quality of life of its citizens. “5G will be a key driver of the growth of the digital economy and the development of smart-city,” said Péronnet at the time of the signing of the agreement earlier this month. “This partnership will be a facilitator and accelerator to achieve the best quality of life in the world in Monaco via digital.”