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Pirelli open new P ZERO World store in Monaco

Store is only Pirelli’s third in the world after LA and Munich

Pirelli has chosen Monte-Carlo as the location of its third P ZERO World store, with its inauguration evening taking place at the end of last month. The luxury boutique is just a few metres away from the famous Virage du Portier turn, where Formula 1 cars hit the corner with speeds of 80km/h before accelerating into the track’s iconic tunnel. The location is widely regarded as one of the best places to watch the Monaco Grand Prix unfold as a spectator and as such, represents an ideal choice for Pirelli’s next venture.

It will be only the third P ZERO World store in existence after the flagship retailer was launched in Los Angeles in 2016. Last year saw the opening of a second location in Munich, while another has been scheduled for next year in Dubai. For now, however, all eyes are on Monaco, as a celebration of the store’s imminent launch took place on September 22nd. The evening was marked by a parade of more than 40 of the supercars which took part in the very first P ZERO Road Experience over ten years ago, while the organisers of the event also took the opportunity to showcase the new special edition Pirelli Dragster 800 RR. More than 300 people were in attendance at the unveiling.


P ZERO World is marketed as the perfect location for luxury sports car owners to find products specifically catered to their needs and the newest Monte-Carlo store is intended to continue providing those services in a warm and inviting location. At over 900m2 in size, there is plenty of room for customers to view and sample top-of-the-range accessories for their vehicles, while there will also be a valet service, ceramic bodywork treatment and tyre replacement facilities on site. Only in P ZERO World stores will customers be able to view the full Pirelli range in the flesh.

As the major European hub for luxury sports cars, Monaco was a natural choice for Pirelli’s third point of sale worldwide and the arrangement was made all the simpler by the company’s close relationship with PitStop Monte-Carlo. However, Pirelli is not resting on its laurels after the store’s opening, but instead looking to the future. “P ZERO World is the best testament to our company’s DNA, delivering a unique customer experience through cutting-edge digital journeys. Our market positioning comes alive in the form of a department store,” said Gaetano Trezza, marketing director at Pirelli. “After Los Angeles, Munich and Monte-Carlo, we have chosen the Emirates and the opening of the next P Zero World will take place in Dubai.”

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