Quintessentially Group opens new office in Monaco

Monaco Tribune
Monaco Tribune

The global lifestyle brand, Quintessentially is expanding and has opened a new office in Monaco. 

Founded in London in 2000, it has since opened more than 65 other offices abroad. It describes itself as the “global expert in all things luxury.” 

Expanding its presence as a leader in the luxury market, the decision to open a new office in Monaco makes sense. I mean think about it – it is a high standard of living, a vibrant financial sector and one of the cities with the world’s largest number of millionaires/billionaires per capita, Quintessentially is surely set to flourish in the near future. 

Nowadays, 60% of people like personalised products. Keeping this mind, the group has refreshed and branded their customers. 

With its sights firmly set on the future, the company is focusing their resources on connecting people, communities, groups, and brands with engaging content. 

Paulo Ribiero, CEO and Lucrecia Vogogna, General Manager, will lead the team in Monaco. Both are highly qualified with more than 30 years of experience in the luxury travel industry. 

“We are very excited about launching our office in Monaco, as it is a world-class arena for the most ambitious events and prestigious luxury brands on Earth. Our members will have the opportunity to be part of some trylt exceptionaly, once-in-a-lifetime experinces, combied wirth luxury services, thanks to our outstanding team of lifestyle and partnerships,” said the CEO. 

The office is located in the heart of the city – Princess Charlotte Boulevard. This makes it easily accessible to all its member requests, no matter how big or small. 

Quintessentially members have access to “lifestyle managers”, who to operate like personal concierges. The company claims to provide a 24-hour customer service and satisfaction. Times Magazine  describes the company as “a magic genie with a little black book in each city.” 

What services do they offer you ask? Travel, home, work management, VIP access to nightlife and entertainment venues and professional and personal connections to education consultants and medical professional. 

Quintessentially are a private club members and that’s what they pride themselves on. One has to submit a “Membership Inquiry Form” and pay an annual membership fee that starts at € 2,500. They have four different tiers: general, dedicated, elite and global elite, of course, each has their own membership qualifications. 

Quintessentially’s Global CEO, Annastasia Seebohm said, “In a modern world where expectations are elevated, our members look for immediacy, and it is therefore more important than ever for Quintessentially to be present on-the-ground wherever our members live, work and play. We are delighted to welcome Monaco into the  Quintessentially family, where it will offer services and experiences that are truly personalised, maximising oiur members’ precious time and enchrinching their lives.” 

Opening their office in Monaco gives the company the opportunity to offer their services and connect to a broader elite audience.