PayByPhone app now allows people to pay online for parking in Monaco

Monaco City Hall, for this online payment system, has collaborated with PayByPhone, Bouygues Energies and Services for the technical integration.
Last week, Mayor Georges Marsan formalised the implementation of the application PayByPhone. No more tickets, hello online payment. Take a look at how it works.

“This is the cornerstone of the smart city building,” said Georges Marsan, mayor of the Principality of Monaco. Since last Thursday, users can now use their smartphone to adjust their parking as is the case in Nice since this summer.

And this, thanks to PayByPhone, the world’s largest mobile parking payment company. This system is already present in eight countries and more than 500 cities and used by more than 14 million people.

Simple, fast and efficient, we explain the operation of dematerialised parking.

To create an account or not? 

If you use PayByPhone regularly, via the application available for Iphone and Android smartphones or via the website, creating an account is more sensible. You do not need to fill in your personal information, bank details and registration number every time. But you are free to connect to the website and buy a ticket, without having created an account beforehand. To do this, click on the “buy a ticket” heading.

Note that it is possible, if you own more than one vehicle, to register several number plates. Just select the right one at the time of use.

Where do you want to park? 

Paid outdoor parking represents around 1,000 places in the Principality. Once your car is parked, go to the parking meter to find the parking area code.

The latter is on the sticker, glued to one side or the other of the machine. Normally, all timestamps have one. Then enter this code in the indicated area.

How long?

Once the zone is filled in, indicate the desired parking time. Fifteen minutes, thirty minutes or more, you choose.

To take into account, however, that certain areas have a maximum duration of parking. Do not panic, you will be notified if this is the case.

Finally, check that the duration and the amount are accurate before confirming or paying online.

Stop or again?

Run to the ticket machine hoping you do not have a little paper slipped under the windshield wiper, because your parking time is over, it’s over too. From a distance, wherever you are, you can reduce or increase the parking time, to pay only the real time of the latter.

At the end of parking, a receipt is sent to the user, it can also be downloaded in PDF, from your account, on the PayByPhone website. An alert will warn you before your parking time has come to an end, like that, no oblivion.

On the side of controls, agents are now equipped with an application, which allows them to scan your license plate, to check in real time if your “ticket” is still valid or not. That’s it, too, the digital transition.