The Princess Grace Hospital to (re)open two wings


At the end of January, Prince Albert II inaugurated the two newly renovated services within the Princess Grace Hospital (CHPG): a new laboratory and a new blood transfusion center.

Accompanied by Didier Gamerdinger (Government Counselor and Minister of Social Affairs and Health), André Garino (President of the Board of CHPG) and Benoîte de Sevelinges, director of the hospital, the Sovereign Prince was able to discover a site with a freshly refurbished laboratory and blood transfusion center. The two new medico-technical areas will soon open to the public, which should have a direct impact on how to welcome patients.

After 6 months of work, the new sampling site, which hosts more than 100 patients per day, now has a surface area that has nearly doubled. The service now covers 200 square meters and is composed of more spacious patient areas. The service has modernized ergonomics for facilitating not only the confidentiality but also the comfort of consultations.

The blood transfusion center, meanwhile, is returning to its historic locale at the building’s -1 level and thus offers a space specifically dedicated to donating blood. The latter has an area of 500 square meters, and capacity of nearly 1200 annual donors (for more than 1800 donations per year).

Both services should open in the coming weeks.

*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.