Annual Conference of the Energy Transition

On Friday, March 29th, at the Yacht Club of Monaco, the Annual Conference for the Energy Transition was held. Sovereign Prince, the Minister of State, Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Councilor of Government – Minister of the Equipment, Environment and Urbanism, as well as Julien Vidal, were the guest of honour of the evening.

The evening was articulated in several key moments among which a presentation of the eco-citizen approach of Julien Vidal, a review of year 1 of the National Pact and the perspectives of development of the approach, the awarding of “Trophies of the Energy Transition” to three Laureates, rewarded for their good practices.


And a strong announcement from D├ęcathlon Monaco, which is now abandoning the sale of single-use plastic water bottles. The Sovereign Prince concluded the evening by recalling that “To bring together goodwill in the service of our common future, we must, of course, go beyond international bodies, beyond government decisions, beyond all these projects that we drive.

We must involve everyone, as we do today. We must identify, propose and promote concrete and shared solutions, like those of the laureates we have just honoured […] I think especially, more widely, the invention of a new model, more innovative, more virtuous, more sustainable, serving the Planet and the quality of life, serving our contemporaries and serving our children.”