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Decathlon employee persuades his manager to stop selling plastic bottles

Photo via Manuel Vitali / Dir'Com
Passionate about running, an employee of the Decathlon department store sports articles is one of those “runners cleaners”, who pick up garbage during their races. And that inspired him with an original idea.

Sébastien Uscher is a young man from Auvergne, passionate about running. Since 2016, he is part of this vast global movement, which has 100,000 followers in France, of runners who collect garbage during their “running”.

This former gendarme, now a salaried employee at Decathlon Monaco, made a proposal to the store manager: “I asked him to stop selling plastic bottles, and he supported me.”


Instead, a reusable bottle will be sold, and a free water fountain installed in Fontvieille. An initiative that counts, since 6,000 plastic bottles less will be sold in the Principality each year.

The director of Décathlon Monaco, Olivier Lorenzi, now wants to convince the chain of sports shops to follow suit. And the Mission for Energy Transition hopes that other Monegasque businesses will follow suit.

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