Prince Albert II: “Everyone has a role to play in the energy transition!”

Photo via Manuel Vitali / Dir'Com
At the annual energy transition conference, Prince Albert II rose to the platform to send a strong message and urge every individual to change his behaviour.

He is an interested and a serious head of state who came to the desk on Friday night — invested in its commitment to the protection of the environment, which is now recognised internationally.

“I do not need to remind you here of the gravity of the situation, nor the urgency we face. You know as I do that the dangers that affect our planet, its climate system, its great equilibrium, are threats for all of us. And you know how, to prevent them, to reduce them, to limit their impact, we need all the goodwill.”

Hence the “White Paper” and then the “Energy Transition Pact”. And now? “We need to go beyond international bodies, beyond the decisions of the government, beyond all these projects that we lead. We must involve everyone, as we do today, promote concrete and shared solutions.”


So the sovereign launches a solemn appeal: “We must above all remind everyone that everyone has their say, that everyone is responsible for our destiny, everyone has his role to play, to use the title of this day And, each one at our level, we must rethink all of our actions.”

Prince Albert II concludes by saying: “I give you an appointment with everyone, every day so that we can change our behaviour and habits together so that everyone plays their part in the energy transition.”