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Monacology, exploring Monaco’s approach to sustainable development

Monacology, exploring Monaco's approach to sustainable development
Monacology, exploring Monaco's approach to sustainable development

From June 11th to 14th, Quai Antoine 1er will play host to the 15th edition of Monacology, which will explore the theme of Monaco, Sustainable City. 1,300 students from the Principality will come to visit the Eco-Village, which will highlight the actions of the Principality relative to sustainable development.

Created in 2011, Monacology, a Monegasque organization with an international vision, aims to organize awareness-raising events related to sustainable development with the support of the Prince’s Government and the Principality’s Directorate of National Education for Youth and Sports. This association that engages all generations and invites them to its annual pop-up Eco-Village on quai Antoine 1er, and encourages them to adopt useful practices for the betterment of the environment. This year, nearly 1,300 Monegasque students are expected to come to the event, which will focus on the theme Monaco, Sustainable City.

Eco-friendly children

For this new edition, the organizers are highlighting the ecological actions being implemented by the Principality, as much at the institutional level as undertakings by associations and private companies. The preservation of biodiversity, energy-climate schemes, the management of natural resources, these are the main themes that will be developed during animated workshops, which will encourage the youngest attendees to become the agents of tomorrow in preserving our environment, at a time when the world needs all the green actors it can summon.


*Article originally published on the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.

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