It took four years of renovations for the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo to regain all of its historic elegance. But now it is back in full swing in the style we have always known and loved, continuing to write his history of mutual love with the Principality and all Monegasques.

It goes without saying that Monegasques consider the Hotel de Paris Monte-Carlo to be one of the most emblematic places on the Rock. An architectural marvel that never stops stunning those who walk through its door. An exceptional palace that had to undergo some small renovations to regain its full brilliance, so that its famous Belle Epoque facade may continue to fascinate for generations to come. Today, it is as if it were brand new, with the quality of the work being so nearly impeccable it appears that the hotel was freshly finished just a day ago. Of course, there are touches of novelty, here and there, such as this open-air patio, the Wellness Sky Club and its heated swimming pool, and jewelry shops, all a discreet step into the modern era, all the while maintaining the building’s charms.

Change in continuity

The American bar has been completely redecorated with silks framed by rosewood, subdued light and in the rooms, there is brand new furniture that is both luxurious and comfortable. Everything is now digitized and in a swipe, you can close your curtains or bring up your TV screen. A restoration that is reflected in the sense of service, where all your desires are fulfilled in an instant. Everything is done to make your stay exceptional and unforgettable. The Hotel de Paris Monte Carlo was already timeless, it is now even more so.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.