Monaco’s Villa Carmelha, the crane-less construction

Monaco's Villa Carmelha, the crane-less construction
Monaco's Villa Carmelha, the crane-less construction

A building built without a crane? Yes, it is possible! This was the solution chosen for the construction of Villa Carmelha, an 8-story building that should be completed by 2021. A Canadian company provides this innovative technique that limits the impact of the construction site on its environment.

This is an unprecedented project on the Rock that will no doubt delight Monegasques who are used to living surrounded by construction sites: a building built without the use of a crane. It was our colleagues from Monaco Matin who unveiled this information yesterday which, at first glance, seems to be a matter of pure magic. It is nothing of the sort, however, as this process originating in Quebec is simply an ingenious system that avoids the nuisance for residents and the environment. It is the Quebec company Upbrella, which is involved in the construction of Villa Carmelha and its 25 homes. Their system will allow edifying the 8-floor building structure without the need for a crane.

From the top down

And for that, the construction team will start with the roof. After this first step, each floor will be built bit by bit with a lifting system. All of the construction processes will operate under a protective covering, which should also limit the expulsion of noise and dust from the site. A desire to control the impact of construction sites on the environment that is echoed in the materials used, since the building itself will be made of wood. This large-scale project follows the ecological policy put in place by the Principality, which wants to be particularly innovative. It remains to be seen whether it will mark the beginning of a new era for Monegasque construction.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.