At the Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization, representatives of the Principality were able to present FlySafe, a system for managing the identification and regulation of drones in the Monegasque airspace, which was set up since this summer.

Since this summer, the Principality has been equipped with an airspace organization tool specifically dedicated to unmanned aircraft, in other words, drones. A control system called FlySafe developed by the French company Air Space Drone, which allows managing these autonomous flying machines in real-time. A new and innovative technology that was presented in Canada at the 40th Assembly of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) from September 24th to October 4th. This presentation was organized at the Consulate General of Monaco in Montreal, in particular in front of Fang Liu, Secretary-General of ICAO and representatives of the Principality.

vAn identification and regulation tool

This was an important moment that allowed us to discuss key issues, as remotely piloted aircraft increasingly coexist with conventional aircraft. In Monaco, FlySafe now makes it possible to identify aircraft in flight, as well as their flight paths and flight plans. It also gives the means to contact the remote pilots if their devices are approaching prohibited areas, such as the Prince’s Palace. This tool, which should still evolve, has made it possible to establish contacts between Monegasque civil aviation and other countries wishing to take a closer look at it and likely to use Air Space Drones in the future as well.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.