Vroom Salon: a new solar car prototype from Lightyear One

Vroom Salon- a new solar car prototype from Lightyear One
Vroom Salon- a new solar car prototype from Lightyear One

For its sixth edition, last Friday, the Vroom Summit presented its latest news in front of the Yacht Club Monaco. An opportunity to highlight the most innovative companies in the field of mobility.

Among the highlights on display was a shockproof material with a honeycomb structure, an electric surfboard, and a virtual reality flight simulator. But the star of the event was undoubtedly a solar car with a breathtaking design. Conceived by the company Lightyear One, the electric vehicle is skillfully equipped with solar panels and ultralight materials. It also has wheel-integrated engines and aerodynamics that are unique in the automotive industry. This set of assets allows it to consume very little energy.

Lightyear One’s Remarkable autonomy

In addition to undeniable technical qualities, the Lightyear One displays elegant lines, giving it a sporty coupe appeal. But it is its lightness and low consumption that creates an autonomy that extends up to 750 km in a single charge. The vice-president of the company, Marcel Lobbes, ensures that it can achieve 12,500 km per year in the Netherlands. A figure that should increase under the azure sun. Very inexpensive to use, the car promises a lifetime of at least one million kilometers. Still looking for funds for its development, Lightyear One will soon sell its solar car to the tune of 119,000 euros.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.