The Bosio Pavilion presents an exhibition on “the garden”

The Bosio Pavilion presents an exhibition on the garden
The Bosio Pavilion presents an exhibition on the garden

The Bosio Pavilion, the School of Fine Arts of the City of Monaco, will offer, on December 10th and 11 at the Théâtre des Variétés, its 12th symposium entitled “The Garden as an exhibition, the exhibition as a garden” featuring many enticing speakers.

Did you know? The garden, exhibition, and scenography can be closely linked if only in their arrangement or their points of view, inviting the spectator or the visitor to their contemplation, both active or passive. A starting point for the 12th symposium by the Bosio Pavilion, which invites the public to question this notion during two exceptional days, Tuesday, December 10th from 11 am and Wednesday the 11th, from 10:30 onward. In what way are gardens and exhibitions related, what are the current ecological questions being asked, how can the garden be at the center of attention? So many questions that will be answered by artists, theoreticians, and landscape painters during this fascinating symposium under the coordination of Laurent P. Berger, Renaud Layrac and Mathilde Roman, all three professors at the Bosio Pavilion.

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On Tuesday the 10th, Irène Djao-Rakitine will open with a very particular theme, Landscape to visit, landscape of everyday life, an interrogation around the landscape itself, whether public or private, real or artificial. Jacques Leenhardt will offer a reflection on Roberto Burle Marx, Brazilian landscape architect and his ecological reading of the landscape. Anouk Vogel will speak on garden exhibitions and how the garden can be an art form. Finally, Irene Kopelman will look at this process in the making of projects mixing science and art.

Wednesday, December 11th, Gaëtane Lamarche Vadel will publicly share his design of the Persian Gardens, while Hoël Duret will explore a broad theme, The Landscape, the park, and the garden. The film Bomarzo by Laurent Grasso will be shown to the public before the following conferences: The exhibition as a garden by Aneta Rostkowska, Aesthetics of chaos, continuity, and discontinuity of nature and time by Guy Tortosa, and A history of the Exotic Garden of Monaco by Jean-Marie Solichon.

*Article originally published in the French edition of the Monaco Tribune.