VIDEO. Highlights from Cannes Games Festival 2020

Festival des Jeux Cannes
Festival des Jeux Cannes


More than 170,000 game enthusiasts came to the International Games Festival in Cannes, which took place from February 21 to 23, 2020. Along with the Spiel Essen in Germany, the festival in Cannes is the most important in Europe. Watch our video report to see which game you would like to play yourself!


This international event offered a wide range of games, including traditional board games, modern games, video games, role-playing games, card games and construction games. Each year, the Festival welcomes publishers from the gaming sector who present their new releases.


Each year, the jury awards the AS d’Or (Golden Ace) prize to reward best games in three different categories: children, general public/family, experts.


2020 As d’Or winners 


The prize in the “Children” category went to “Dreamcatcher” (“Attrape-Rêves”), a game by Laurent Escoffier and David Franck, with illustrations by Maud Chalmel. In this game, players have to choose the right comforter to escape nightmares.


The “Expert” prize was awarded to “Res Arcana“, a game by Thomas Lehmann, with illustrations by Julien Delval. It is a combo card game.


The game of the year prize was awarded to “Oriflamme”, a game by Adrien Hesling and Axel Hesling, with illustrations by Tomasz Jedruszek. It is a game of cards, bluffing and guessing.



Video by Nataliia Bezruk