All “non-essential public spaces” are closed until further notice, due to the progression of coronavirus in bordering countries. However, shops, groceries, pharmacies, tobacco shops, news kiosks, service stations and banks remain open in the Principality.


According to the Prince’s Government, all pharmacies in Monaco can deliver medications and other health-related products to isolated people staying at home. This service depends on neighbourhood of your home and availability of the drug. The measure is introduced in order to limit movement around the country and waiting times in pharmacies.


Below is a list of Monegasque pharmacies and their details:

Pharmacie de l’Annonciade24, boulevard d’
Pharmacie WEHREL2, boulevard d’  
Pharmacie Bughin26, boulevard Princesse
Pharmacie Carnot37, boulevard du Jardin Exotique93.30.86.6792.16.72.10 (
Pharmacie Centrale1, place d’
Pharmacie de l’Estoril31, avenue Princesse
Pharmacie de Fontvieille25, avenue Albert
Pharmacie Internationale22, rue
Pharmacie du Jardin Exotique31, avenue Hector
Pharmacie J.P.F.1, rue
Pharmacie Médecin19, boulevard Albert
Pharmacie de Monte-Carlo4, boulevard des
Pharmacie des Moulins27, boulevard des
Pharmacie Plati5, rue
Pharmacie du Rocher15, rue Comte Félix
Pharmacie San-Carlo22, boulevard des


How Monaco is managing the antibacterial gel shortage facing COVID-19

Anne Caravel, owner of the Jardin Exotique Pharmacy, tells us how her pharmacy is dealing with the antibacterial gel shortage given the current situation surrounding COVID-19