Coronavirus in Monaco: Céline Dion, e-health, classical music

Céline Dion Courage World Tour Monaco
Céline Dion Courage World Tour

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  • No new cases since last week. To date, overall 94 people in Monaco got infected with the virus:
  • 42 of those infected have now recovered;
  • 2 people are hospitalised and one of them is currently in intensive care.
  • 43 people are self-isolating at home and are monitored by doctors

Not all the people tested and hospitalised are residents of the Principality.

Monegasques, residents and workers in Monaco can ask any questions they wish about Covid-19 by calling the number: 92 05 55 00. The line is open seven days a week from 9am to 6pm. It is also possible to send an e-mail to:


“The economy is being stifled, and the more time passes, the more we risk mirroring the Great Depression. All of this is very harmful to the economy.”

Guillaume Rose, Executive Director General of Monaco Economic Board. Read our exclusive interview

“I can’t bear to lose a client, so I’m making an effort.”

Gildo Pallanca Pastor, owner of the largest office building in the Principality.


Monaco hospital returns to normality: The Princess Grace Hospital Centre (CHPG) resumes today emergency medical surgeries as the number of Covid patients is falling. Faced with the coronavirus pandemic, the CHPG had changed its internal organisation to give priority to receiving and treating people with Covid-19 symptoms. Monaco’s other health institutions such as the Clinique Medico-Chirurgical Orthopedique de Monaco (IM2S) and the Cardio-Thoracique de Monaco (CCM) received emergency patients. With only two coronavirus patients currently treated at the hospital, the CHPG is going back to full capacity in its emergency department this Monday. The hospital will return to providing emergency medical care 24/7.

New e-health solution to help patients access care: The Princely Government authorised, under certain conditions, video and phone appointments. The Princess Grace Hospital Centre has already installed a videoconference platform while the Government is offering solutions to the other healthcare providers in the Principality, such as the Clinique Medico-Chirurgical Orthopedique de Monaco (IM2S), the Cardiothoracic Centre, private GP’s and midwives.

The platform integrates an online payment system, an appointment diary, a videoconference tool, and an online tool to deliver e-prescriptions. Patients can access the platform in a secure way. The list of professionals offering such appointments is updated daily on the website

Government and National Council discuss life after lockdown: The discussions focussed on masks, screening tests and digital tracing. Both the government and the elected officials agreed that the objective was twofold: to keep the spread of coronavirus under control while at the same time boosting the economy.

Games of the Small States of Europe in Andorra are postponed: “The Covid-19 pandemic has put Andorra in a very delicate economic, social and sports situation,” said the President of the Andorra Olympic Committee. “We have therefore decided to postpone the 2021 Games. Given that they are awarded to Malta in 2023 and Monaco in 2027, with 2025 remaining a free date, we will propose to our next General Assembly the postponement of the Games from 2021 to 2025 as soon as we have the letter of confirmation from our Government”, he added.

The Games of the Small States of Europe have been held every two years since 1985. “This decision has serious consequences for our athletes and also for the JPEE community, but it is a sign of the responsibility of our Andorran friends. We salute their courage and we show them all our support,” commented H.E. Mrs Yvette Lambin-Berti, Secretary General of the Monegasque Olympic Committee.

The Céline Dion concert scheduled for July 18 at Place du Casino in Monte Carlo  is cancelled: “My thoughts and prayers are with all those who have lost loved ones and are severely affected by this devastating pandemic caused by the coronavirus. I know everyone is struggling to adapt to these difficult circumstances, not knowing when things will return to normal,” said Céline Dion. “I look forward to the day when we can still share our joy of singing and dancing together. At the moment, health and safety is everyone’s top priority … but know that I’m really looking forward to coming back on stage and being with you again,” added the Canadian singer.

What kind of classical music should we listen to so as not to lose heart over what is happening in the world? : We spoke to violinist Alexander Gershovich who has worked at the Monte-Carlo Philharmonic Orchestra since 1991. Read our interview

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