Lockdown made many of us realise that these were times that needed a show of solidarity. For Wilfried Yeguete, a basketball player in Monaco, it was indeed the trigger he needed. Since May, the athlete has been actively working for the association “Les Anges Gardiens de Monaco” (Monaco’s Guardian Angels), dedicated to helping the most disadvantaged families in Nice and the surrounding area on the Riviera.

The Roca Team’s power forward didn’t want to stand by and do nothing. So, during lockdown, while scrolling through social media, he decided to contact Les Anges Gardiens to show his interest in helping the most disadvantaged. “That’s how it started,” recalls “Will” Yeguete, who has a profound interest in mutual aid. “It was important to me to be useful in these unprecedented times. I’ve always liked to help, I am in good health, I had to act.” At the beginning of May, the former French Pro A champion (in 2018 with Le Mans) started to do groceries with the Red Cross for people with limited mobility, before handing out masks and food for the most in need, all while training.

The man behind the curtain of Les Anges Gardiens

Since becoming a full-time member of the association, the Pessac native continues his actions, such as the one carried out on Monday 13th July. “All week long, the members of Les Anges Gardiens collect donations, such as food, water bottles, sleeping bags and supplies,” he said. “We then leave by van every Monday to distribute all this all over Nice or even Beausoleil.” Although volunteers are not in such high demand as they were during lockdown, the 28-year-old player is not planning on stopping here, even when he gets back on the court. “I’m looking forward to keep volunteering throughout the year!” Perhaps we should expect to see more members of the Roca Team join him on the streets.