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Prince Albert: “Put nature and climate at the heart of post-Covid economic recovery plans”

Leader Pledge for Nature / Youtube

On 28 September, Prince Albert joined #LeadersPledge4Nature, a campaign which aims to place nature and climate at the heart of post-Covid economic recovery plans. 

“Biodiversity loss is an urgent threat to health, food supplies and livelihoods across the globe, as well as cultural and spiritual benefits. Unless we take greater action to protect and restore nature, all of us will face significant declines in the vital services that it provides to us every day,” stated Prince Albert in a video message shared online. The launch of the #LeadersPledge4Nature is a strong signal just days before the United Nations Biodiversity Summit, which will be held virtually on 30 September under the theme “Urgent action on biodiversity for sustainable development.”

Over 60 world leaders pledge to reverse biodiversity loss

Monaco’s Sovereign is among over 64 world leaders who have promised to put environment on the top of the post-Covid economic agenda. The #LeadersPledge4Nature is a 10-point commitment to counter biodiversity loss, fight pollution, adopt sustainable economic systems and restore the ecosystems that underpin human health and well-being. 

In his message, Prince Albert also mentioned the marine ecosystems, dear to his heart and linked to the history of the Principality. “Oceans and seas continue to be in great danger and do not receive the attention they deserve. Together, we can set nature on the path to recovery by 2030 and transition to a nature-positive world that safe-guards human health and livelihoods in both the short and long term,” added the Sovereign, ending his speech with an invitation to collective action to reverse environmental destruction by 2030.