The IMSEE (Monegasque Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies) published its November report on the Covid-19 figures and the impact of the health crisis.

First observation: 3,418 positive Covid cases have been declared since the start of the pandemic, representing 8.9% of the Monegasque and resident population.

Among the latter, 289 were hospitalised (8.55% of cases), 55 were admitted to intensive care and 36 died (representing 1.1% of the cumulative cases). To be noted, the average age of the deceased is 83.3 years (82.2 years for men and 84.5 years for women) and 10 were of Monegasque nationality.

In October 2021, more specifically, 102 new cases of Covid were detected in the Principality, including 9 people who required hospitalisation. Two-thirds of these positive cases involved people who were not vaccinated.

A sharp rise in the incidence rate

The IMSEE notes an increase in the Covid case incidence rate: from 26.1 in September, it rose to 49.5 on November 2nd. We know that it has just passed the 100 barrier this week (106.91), which is above the alert threshold.

Since November 9, the Government has been encouraging Monegasques and residents over 18 to get a third injection of the vaccine. A measure that should help fight against the return of the pandemic.