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Top 10 baby names in Monaco in 2021

Frédéric Nebinger / Palais Princier

Monaco Town Hall has published the statistics for last year’s births.

As it does each year, the Monaco Town Hall has published the civil registry figures for the year just ended. 976 babies were born in the Principality during the year, compared to 911 in 2020, with a total of 498 boys and 478 girls.

As for the top 10 names, three were already popular in 2020.

Top 5 baby names for girls

  • Victoria – Holding on to its 2020 top spot, Victoria is the feminine form of Victor which, in Latin, means “winner”.
  • Louise – Derived from the old Germanic name Hlodwig, it roughly means ‘famous fighter’.
  • Léna – Léna is a diminutive form of Hélène, which comes from the Greek “hele”, translated as “ray of sunshine” or “luminous”.
  • Lea – This name comes from the Hebrew le’ah, which has several possible meanings.  Some sources suggest it means “delicate”, others cite “lioness”.
  • Anna – Also of Hebrew origin, Anna derives from Hannah, meaning “grace”.

Top 5 names for baby boys

  • Gabriel – Already very popular in 2020, Gabriel is a contraction of the Hebrew terms for “strength” and “God”.
  • Matteo – Derived from the Hebrew name Mattatyahu, Matteo means “gift from God”.
  • Léo – Also a frequent choice in 2020, Léo, a diminutive of Léon and Léonard, means “lion” in Latin.
  • Louis – Derived from Clovis, which in turn is derived from the Germanic Hlodwig, Louis means “famous fighter”.
  • Raphaël – Of Hebrew origin, it means “God heals”.