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Princess Charlene is now a manga character!

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Prince Albert II appeared in volume 4; now volume 6 in the Blitz saga includes the Sovereign’s wife.

A nice surprise that the author Cédric Biscay sprang on his fans! Princess Charlene is the guest of honorur in volume 6 of the Blitz manga, released on Friday, February 25, ‘starring’ as herself.

A brief appearance, with the Prince’s wife’s approval: very elegantly dressed in pumps, a suit and sunglasses, the Princess appears during a major chess tournament in Monaco, where she meets two children and talks with them for a few moments.

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“I am delighted with the release of the sixth volume of Blitz, magnificently enhanced by Garry Kasparov and drawn by Daitaro Nishihara. The idea of taking part in the Blitz adventure immediately appealed to me and I thank Cédric Biscay for inviting me to discover the world of mangas,” the Princess declared, via her publisher, to the newspaper Le Parisien.

This is not the first time that there’s been a nod from Cédric Biscay to the Principality: during volume 4, Prince Albert II also surprised readers by appearing in the manga.

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The Sovereign Prince also said in an interview with Monaco Matin on February 18 that the Princess “is much better and [he] hopes that she will be back in the Principality very soon”. Since November, Princess Charlene has been convalescing in a confidential location, outside the Principality, after the numerous ENT operations she underwent in South Africa last year.