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Princess Caroline Library hosts launch of Blitz manga, volume 5

IWA / Shibuya Productions

The establishment laid on many educational and fun activities on the theme of manga and chess on November 10.

Introduction to manga drawing, chess, intuition … These workshops were on offer for Blitz readers on 10 November, to mark the release of volume 5 of the manga by Cédric Biscay. The author was present for the event, in the Princess Caroline Library, alongside Alexis Champion, intuition specialist, Pierre Villegas, chess advisor and Régis Pulisciano, manga artist.


All of them met up with their audience, answering their questions and sharing their passion and talent with them. The day ended with a book signing session by the author Cédric Biscay. The young readers were able to leave with their signed copy of volume 5, two days before its national bookstore release on November 12.

Blitz tells the story of Tom, a young schoolboy, who falls in love with a girl called Harmony.  She is mad about chess, so Tom decides to join the school chess club even though he doesn’t know the rules.  He has to start from scratch and train hard… 

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