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Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s Grenadiers ready to hit the road soon

INEOS Automotive

The first models have rolled off the French production lines.


Land Rover’s competitors are in the home stretch. All that remained was to start building them, and that is now happening. The production site, located in Hambach in eastern France, has completed manufacture of its first 4×4 models.

However, we will have to wait until December, or even early 2023, to see Grenadiers in the hands of their new owners. These first 4×4s are primarily intended for use as demonstration models.

This new stage marks the realisation of a bold project that bucks the current electrical trend. With his Grenadier, the owner of OGC Nice and creator of the INEOS brand, is banking on an all-terrain and above all robust utility vehicle, for a more modest price than its main competitor, Land Rover. With prices starting at €60,950 and the business acumen of Monaco resident Sir Jim Ratcliffe, there is no doubt that the INEOS Grenadier will find its market and be a great success.

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The project began back in 2017 but was only disclosed to the general public in 2020. Since then, the brand has taken over the Mercedes-Benz manufacturing plant in Hambach, taking advantage of its expertise in vehicle manufacturing.

INEOS Automotive’s Sales Director, Mark Tennant, thanked all the INEOS staff and partners for all they have accomplished to date. He also said he was “looking forward to making our first deliveries to customers.”

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