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Drought measures bearing fruit in Monaco

Work will be carried out to prepare for the summer season © Prince's Palace

Water consumption has fallen by 6%, compared with 2022, since they came into force on 12 May. 

Given the severe lack of rainfall, the Government decided to take measures, via a Ministerial Ordinance, to deal with the exceptional drought that has been affecting the Principality for several months. Hence the Level 2 “Alert” that has been in force in the Principality since the spring. It places the following restrictions on individuals and professionals:

  • A ban on watering lawns, flowerbeds, planters and parks, as well as sports fields, between 8 am and 8 pm
  • A ban on washing recreational or professional boats or watercraft outside the designated time slots
  • A total ban on washing buildings and cars
  • A ban on filling private and public bodies of water, swimming pools and spas. Please note that the showers at the beach will still function, for hygiene reasons.
  • SMA street cleaning changes

Since the publication of the ordinance, more than 60,000 m³ have been “saved” to date. This is a very encouraging result, which is why, in a press release, the Government welcomed  water users’ sterling efforts and urged them to continue, especially as “sporadic rainfall has not replenished the water tables, so water resources remain strained.”

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