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This summer, “experience the Ocean” at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco

oceanographic museum to reopen after 11 weeks of closure
The programme runs from 3 July to 3 September - © Musée Océanographique

Over the summer, there is a special 20% discount on admissions, for both adults and children. 

Looking for an idea for a family outing over the school holidays? Look no further! The Oceanographic Museum in Monaco has put together a special programme for the period from 3 July to 3 September 2023.

  • « Polar Mission » exhibition

The “Polar Mission” exhibition is the flagship event at the Oceanographic Museum in Monaco, inviting visitors to step into the shoes of a reporter and discover the North and South Poles through five themed areas, including the must-see “Immersion” room and its interactive projections. Bears, belugas and penguins await you!

> Exhibition included with admission to the Oceanographic Museum

  • « Poles, fragile worlds » exhibition

The journey continues with the “Poles, Fragile Worlds” photographic exhibition. From 1 July to 5 November, visitors will also be transported to the polar regions thanks to iconic photographs captured by Greg Lecoeur. In addition to the museum, his works can be admired in the stations at Cannes, Marseille Saint-Charles, Nice and Paris – Gare de Lyon. In partnership with the SNCF (French Railways), the images in the train stations feature the Arctic and Antarctic, raising awareness of the fragility of these ecosystems.

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> Exhibition included with admission to the Oceanographic Museum

  • Seashore animals

With your family or friends, experience a magical encounter with the animals of the Mediterranean coast in the museum’s educational room, specially reserved just for you! Crabs, starfish, sea cucumbers… We’re all familiar with them, but do you really know what makes them special? How do they get around? What do they feed on? What is their role in their ecosystem? Young and old, let your senses guide you as you discover the specific features of each marine species in the tank.

> Duration: 30 min
> Opening times: every day from 10.30 am to 6.00 pm
> Venue: Meeting point in the entrance hall (level 0) at the ‘Accueil Animations’
> Price: €38 / group (up to 6 people)
> Ticket sales: online, at the ticket offices and at the ‘Accueil Animations’ Events reception desk

  • Escape game

Groups can also enjoy an unusual experience in the Escape Game room dedicated to Prince Albert I and the discovery of oceanography. You will board the Princess Alice II, the Prince’s famous laboratory ship, for a special mission. You’ll have to hunt around, solve puzzles, decipher codes and communicate with each other to avoid sinking and losing your precious discoveries at all costs!

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> Duration: 30 mins (Escape Découverte,  beginners) or 60 mins (Escape Expérience,  advanced)
> Opening times: daily from 11am to 6pm
> Venue: Meeting point in the Entrance Hall (level 0) at the Events Reception desk (‘Accueil Animations’)

  • Immerseave 360°

Thanks to virtual reality headsets, explore the marine world and meet the most iconic species through two films: “Little big Whale”: the story of an old sperm whale and its journeys in the vast ocean, and “Tubbataha 360°” where you will head off for the Philippines to discover an exceptional nature reserve. No need for a mask or a snorkel, you can experience the thrill of diving without even getting wet!

> Duration: 30 mins (2 films)
> Times: every day from 11.15 am to 5.15 pm
> Venue: Meeting point in the Entrance Hall (level 0) at the ‘Accueil animations’ Events Reception desk
> Price: €8 / person (over 12s) or €28 / family (2 adults + 2 children). Tickets can be bought online, at the ticket offices and at the ‘Accueil Animations’ Events reception desk

  • Club Océano

Club Océano welcomes budding explorers from Monday to Friday for a course where they can discover the marine world! Supervised by an educational team, young explorers can take part in a range of games and activities all to do with the oceans and the animals that live there. It’s a fun way to learn!

> Times: from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm
> Price: 375€ / child
> Age: 6-8 yrs and 9-12 yrs

The  summer holiday special offer is only valid for tickets purchased online from the museum website and for admission before 11am or after 5pm. Information and booking via the same link.

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