Huge pipeline of Monaco’s offshore extension runs aground on the beach

A big surprise is the least we can say. On Sunday morning, 28th Oct 2018, people walking in the Larvotto discovered a huge plastic pipe. It is 36 meters long and 80 centimetres in diameter, called emissary, which ran aground on the Neptune beach.

According to the information, it is a pipeline – inert – of the site of the extension at sea which was stored at the bottom of the water, waiting for a connection.

The wild blue sky is at the origin of this incident, the submarine mooring having broken under the pressure of the swell.

According to Patrick Reynier, Commander-in-Chief and Chief of the Maritime and Airport Police Division, this incident had no impact on the environment. Only slight material damage is to be deplored, at the level of beach delimitation posts.

The maritime police and the agents of Bouygues Travaux Publics are currently on site to consolidate and secure this pipeline. They are probably waiting for a better weather so as to plunge it under water.

Oh, and you know what the irony is? This emissary now serves as a protection to the beach against any powerful waves.