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Moi(s) Sans Tabac comes to Monaco for November


Moi(s) Sans Tabac is a collective challenge that invites smokers to kick the habit for the month of November.

The third annual edition of the Moi(s) Sans Tabac (French for My Month without Tabacco) will begin Thursday, November 1st and run until the end of the month. To help spread the message among Monegasque smokers, the Principality has become an official partner of the operation under initiative from the French Ministry of Health.

The organizing parties have already begun inciting people to sign up for the program on 


A movement against smoking

The Moi(s) Sans Tabac challenge is a call to action. The core of the campaign’s message is to fight back against fatal illnesses that can be caused by smoking and other forms of tobacco consumption. The Principality’s partnership with the campaign will assist in sharing that message with as many people as possible in Monaco and around France.

In France, there are a reported 12 million daily smokers, yet this number is shrinking – down 1 million in 2017. This historic dip is promising, yet there are certain pockets of the country that are resisting, notably the Provence-Alpes-Côte-d’Azur region, which shares close cultural and obvious geographical ties with Monaco.

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The Principality mobilized

Adjoint-Minister of Health and Social affairs Didier Gamerdinger had this to say: “The collective nature of this movement can really help individuals’ chances of stopping smoking.” To achieve this, health professionals around the Principality will make themselves available to anyone participating in the campaign. Support is accessible to any and all smokers wishing to make a change, if even just for the month.

The Moi(s) Sans Tabac operation is being led in conjunction with the Princess Grace Hospital Center and the Department of Social and Health Affairs. The center will be distributing anti-smoking kits, which can be acquired free of charge at pharmacy dispensaries around the Principality.

Everyone’s doing it

At the time of this article, the Moi(s) Sans Tabac website already counts over 166,000 participants.

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Other tools for quitting tobacco addiction are:

> Tabac Info telephone assistance– call 39 89 in Monaco

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> Smartphone applicationsSmokerstop, Tabac Info Service, Quit Now, Stop-Tabac and Qwit. Each provides a different structure and follow-up to your personal quitting process. Some even allow for tracking health stats like heart-rate, oxygen levels, and the disappearance of smoke-related cough.

> Running is also a well-known aid during the quitting phase. Group  running with a coach who is specialized in helping people quit smoking can make a major difference. A study shows that 91% of people who have followed this method reduced their tobacco consumption.


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