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AMAF organised a conference-debate on topics related to Public Security

Public Security, in partnership with the Monegasque Association of Financial Activities (AMAF), organised a conference-debate on topics related to security in the Principality of Monaco. It was held on Wednesday, December 5, 2018, at the Auditorium of the Lycee Technique et Hotelier.

It was chaired by Mr. Patrice CELLARIO, Councilor-Minister of the Interior, and initiated by Mr. Richard MARANGONI, Director of Public Security and Mr. Etienne FRANZI, President of AMAF. This meeting was intended for professional banking activities of the Principality. Along with the managers in the field of accounting expertise.

On the basis of the development of the partnership contained in the “Monaco a safe City” project, the Public Security wanted to present a broad reflection on prevention in the field of security in Monaco.


Thus, five themes were addressed by specialists in public security:

  • Scams with false transfer orders
  • Alarms and video protection
  • Technical prevention of malevolence
  • International cooperation – operational links
  • The establishment of foreigners in the Principality and the conditions for issuing residence certificates.

Through these working meetings, the Public Security wants to apply a proactive prevention policy, promoting, in particular, a strong partnership with the various socio-economic actors of the Principality. Even more so with the entire population.

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These meetings with professionals coming here from the banking sector, but also considered in the field of luxury, hospitality, and more generally with the various economic actors of the Principality should allow to establish the base of a future structure exchanges of information which, in a regulatory framework, will maintain and reinforce the high level of security that continues in the Principality.